Zaxariades -- formerly known as Bruce Scott -- has enjoyed several incarnations in the entertainment industry. As a boy in New York City, he sang at the Metropolitan Opera. As a teenager he appeared in numerous films, including "Hang 'em High," with Clint Eastwood. As a young man he appeared on Broadway in many hit shows, including the original cast of "Jesus Christ Superstar." As an adult, he starred in "The Lion in Winter," on Broadway. And as a mature musical artist he toured the world for six years with the legendary master of vocalese, Jon Hendricks. Indeed, Zaxariades is the only other singer beside the late Dave Lambert to have performed onstage (at New York's Blue Note Jazz Club, in 1986) with Hendricks and Annie Ross.

An electrifying live performer, Zaxariades sings in five languages, plays six instruments, and is generally recognized at the reigning master of bebop vocalizing.

His album, "Mr. Z," features five original compositions, as well as a seldom heard Jon Hendricks song, "Tell Me the Truth."

Zaxariades - Airegin
Zaxariades - Caravan
Zaxariades - Moody's Mood For Love